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Bentodent is different: your first experience with our non foaming toothpaste will be something like this…

October 4, 2019 |

THE SQUEEZE: The paste just might squirt out and break into a chunk. That’s because of the presence of Bentonite Clay is at the foundation of this wonder paste. Also, there is a total lack of chemical thickeners and emulfiers. Hence,  it would be  apt to point the tube vertically and then hold it down and squeeze over the Toothbrush bristles.

THE COLOUR: What happened to WHITE? Exactly! We have simply banished the very chemicals that give most toothpastes their white construct. Incidently, these are harmful substances that are used to paint vinyl fences. They have no business getting anywhere close to your teeth. Let alone filling up your oral cavity and degenerating it on a daily basis.

THE FOAM:  Think about  this scenario. Your little kid is having a fun time filling his mouth with all that foam and spitting it out. We have all done it as kids.  It’s in fact an experience laced with danger. Foam does precious nothing to your teeth. Period! So we have simply removed foaming agents such as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) that are used in soaps and detergents to generate form. So when you spit out, it is going to be a minimalistic experience. That’s because your teeth are being exposed to a small quantity of earthy goodness, rather than a mouthful of foamy trash!

FLUORIDE: None. We have grown up reading the word ‘fluoride’ on toothpaste packaging. Health experts are of the opinion that adding fluoride to water and toothpaste is toxic and hence should be totally avoided.

GLYCERINE: A key ingredient in soaps is glycerin, which is something that doesn’t harm the body as much as it weakens teeth. Glycerin forms a thin coating on teeth and it cannot be rinsed away. Further it prevents teeth from being remineralised, hence weakening its constitution. 

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