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The Forgotten Recipes

We Are Made Of Stardust

A tremendous shift is happening in the Universe.
We are increasingly being made aware of our surroundings, our intakes and our applications. We finally understand that we are an intrinsic part of Nature. It’s only nature that can protect us, and only nature that can heal.

We are made of the same material as the Stars.
So, we at Bentodent are going back in time to bring out the ‘good stuff’ that lies hidden - deep within
ancient wisdom.

All the earthy goodness that was sacrificed over the ages for toxic, chemical laced
(hence inexpensive) solutions - is being literally unearthed

We are reviving THE FORGOTTEN RECIPES that are so crucial for our well being...

Forgotten, Not Lost.

Ancient wisdom has always been around Deep withing those manuscripts are some powerful secrets - waiting to be unearthed and benefited from.

The message from Mother Nature has always been clear Embeace her, and you cradle in her goodness. She never did prescribe toxins in the form of Body Care solutions.

She is open-armed, endless and caring.

We at Bentodent are reviving the Forgotten Recipes.
We are reaching out to her bounty...

A Treamendous Shift is Happening In the Universe

Empowering Oral Care With Ayurveda

In the land exotic herbs and apices exists highly potent natural recipes that are
beneficial for our overall well being.

As a research based organisation, Bentodent drwas its inspiration from Ayurveda
bringing you the goodness of ancient Indian recipes methods.

The philosophies that have existed for over 5000 years - the oldest systems of
natural healing are enriched in our range of products.

Presenting BENTODENT - a big nod to natural goodness in the form of Toothpase.


Rooted in 5000 Year old tradition

Bentonite Clay may be present across the globe, the potency of its chemical composition depends largely on its geographical location. Bentonite Clay of Indian origin dates back to and astounding million years - a powerful and high grade variant is sourced from the Kutch desert.

It is an amazing gift from mother nature, available to us to benefit from.

The ‘Wonder’ Paste Made Of

Bentonite Clay

BENTODENT is the product of our extensive R&D in natural oral care. We have discovered various ingredients that become extremely potent as natural healers, once combined with Bentonite Clay.

This earth toothpaste is the answer to all your teth and gum related problems. The presence of natural ingredients and the banishment of fluoride and other chemicals makes bentodent a clear winner and a must have in one’s scheme of things for a healthy life.

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