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September 11, 2019 |

Fantastic Product,No foam,different taste,refreashing, chemicalfree, natural toothpaste…I have used this paste and will definetly recommend to every one

@Dr. Monika Narula (MDS)

Truly it’s a nice Toothpaste with refreshing mint and made from natural ingredients only 10 brushes required to see the difference in this product


Long lasting Refreshing toothpaste. Must try.
Must buy.

@Dr. Ravi, MDS

Very good product, some black spot was in my daughter’s teeth but after useing Bentodent Tooth paste some of black spot has gone.

@ Sankar Kumar

It’s a best paste ever I used ….bcoz of free from chemical and good for teeth as well as healthy….

@ Neha Kaur

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