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 Biodegradable Cleanx3 Dental Floss  Picks- 30 Pcs - bentodent x idonaturals
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bentodent x idonaturals

Bentodent Dental Floss Picks have Cleanx3 TRIPLE CLEANING ACTION

Removes plaque debris and bacteria between the teeth daily brushing may miss,

Regular Flossing Helps prevent cavities and gum disease.

Can be used as a tongue scraper to clean the tongue

Can be used as an interdental pick for cleaning between teeth




Why Bentodent Biodegradable Dental Floss picks?

Bentodent Floss Picks are Biodegradable, made from UHMWPE floss and Corn starch handle, This is in with our endeavour to reduce the use of plastic and promote products that are safe for us and safe for the environment too.

Brushing isn't enough...

So you think brushing your Teeth is good enough? Well, you are able to clean surface, but what about the minute spaces that remain out of reach of Toothbrush bristles? Your brushes regime is incomplete until you have dislodged the food particles/plaque from those areas.

Dental flossing completes it

A dental floss is a thin filament that aids in removing foods & dental plaque from the narrow gaps between your teeth. It is an important process as it helps keep the oral spaces clean and sanitized. Not opening to floss can only lead to trouble as these moist spaces become home for accumulated debris Needles to say, but tooth and gum disease is largely prevalent among those who fail to floss daily.

Dental Flossing - Now at your fingertips


The Simplest way to floss

Biodegradable handle

A nature friendly way to floss

Interdental pick

The complete way to floss

Plaque & debris

- gone in seconds!

Simply pick and be free

What’s Making Such A Big Difference ?


Research in the ‘ancient’ oral care space brings us effective insights on how to maintain Oral health in a hassle-free & safe manner. We are formulating and re-introducing these infallible and time-tested methods in their new avatar
Our products are engineered with simple, natural ingredients. They are the fruits of relentless innovation by a group of Dentists who regard naturalism as the only means to sustain sound oral health


Traditional flossing methods were tedious
thankfully, all that have changed forever

Anti-skid Design
for stable grip

Study, yet ultra
thin filament
Tail bend can be
used as a Toothpick

"This is flossing!"

I was always 'for flossing' but
it was quite the chore. This, is easy...

Sanjeev Goyal

"Thank You"

I can now very easily bring this
important process into my regime

Swati Ghosh